Sonic Amass (2018)

sonic amass 3

Sound laboratory, Wing Platform, Hong Kong, China
Encounter between the audience and the sound artists: Samson Cheung, Jérémy Chevalier, Julie Semoroz & FuK Kuen Wong

Public opening

June 21th Thursday – 3-10 pm – workshop
June 23rd Saturday – 6-10 pm – sound installation – performance
Registration mandatory:

Sonic Amass is an audio project by Julie Semoroz initialy made for Duplex Gallery. Designed in the form of an in-situ outreach programme, the creation first takes the shape of a workshop for foraging sounds open to the public, before becoming a laboratory for sound improvisation. The aim is to mix sounds and noises of a specific area (neighbourhood, esplanade, building, park) as a sound metaphor for the plural identity of the daily life in said area—a patchwork of sounds, beings, thoughts and words.

Starting in 2018, the idea is to export Sonic Amass to other countries with the participation of local and Swiss artists. The aim is to define an area of work with a neighbourhood’s participants. Working together—people with people, musicians with participants—allows them all to develop a new acoustic space and to rediscover a known territory for some and to create from an unknown territory for others. A team will of­fer participants the chance to record various unusual elements (objects, etc.). The recordings will then be given to artists who will manipulate and transform them into sound pieces or installation. The main idea is to dialogue about the identity of the space where we perform through the sound and involve, participants and artists of different approaches of the sound.

First, we propose to let the audience participates to the pro­cess of creating with collecting sounds around the venue with cassettes recorders or collect some objects to use in the sound installation – performance. This aspect pushes the public to experiment the sound and be active. The process becomes the out­come. Sonic Amass is an idea’s translation, a feeling from an area or a location transformed into sounds. It’s the capacity to merge multiple identities within a specific situation. It’s about the capacity of citizens and artists to share their views, ideas, sounds, voices to the project. It’s a unique experience in each venue.

For this 2018 edition, we work at Wing platform in Hong Kong with Namiji collective with the help of Leslie Van Eyck, Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong and Pro Helvetia.

Workshop informations
The participants are invited to bring some objects to the artists (found, personal objects, object found in the area …) and are invited to record some sounds in the area of Wing Platform with K7 players we borrow to them.
The artists will be there to discuss and exchange with the participants.
Then, the artists are processing sounds and objects collected to build an installation performance presented on Saturday 6-10 pm in Wing Platform.


Dates: 21-22-23 June 2018
Presentation : WING Platform for Performance, Hong Kong, China
Curator: Julie Semoroz
Artists Julie Semoroz, Jérémy Chevalier, Collective Namiji, Samson Cheung and FuK Kuen Wong
Supports: Pro Helvetia, The Consulate Gene­ral of Switzerland in Hong Kong
Production: Association Motonomy
Links of Sonic Amass in 2015:
Special thanks to: Sound Pocket and Andreas Rufer

永天台 , Unit 2102, 21/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 2,  70 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
香港柴灣永泰道70號柴灣工業城2期21樓2103 室

Please note: Entrance during evening hours through Parking City Phase 2 on Sheung On Street.